• Investment themes.

Capital protected multi-niche strategy.

We choose a low risk, high margin niche market approach. We focus on regions where we hold significant market expertise and have access to a ready supply of highly rated debtors.

  • Spain

    Credit insured, licensed and regulated Intra-Spain trade.

  • EU

    Credit insured trade.

  • Sweden

    Insured selected platform generated trades.


High-yield trade finance to a selected number of Pharma traders/clients, with a repayment period usually not exceeding 90 calendar days.

Our focus is on a small number of clients, which enables us to gain an ever-increasingly deep and time-served knowledge of their businesses. This knowledge allows us to understand and mitigate the risks being taken by the clients and, thereby, by ourselves.

We are a secured lender, receiving an absolute monetary return from the trade margin within a defined period. Our investment is protected through (a) ownership of the goods (b) credit insurance, and (c) a promissory note.