• Make an impact.
    Enhance your portfolio with an uncorrelated asset class.

    Artis leverages SME trade finance demand to deliver consistent returns for our partners.

Invest in secured receivables.

  • Strong, predictable returns

    Fixed income-like performance with 10%+ p/a returns.

  • Short term exposure

    Self-liquidating investments with 30-90 day maturity.

  • Impact based investing

    Help SMEs access capital and global trade flow smoothly.

  • Secured investments

    We invest in collatorised and credit-insured trade finance assets.

Privileged access to niche trade finance assets.

With access to an extensive network of local merchants and global suppliers, Artis provides a genuinely unique opportunity for investors to facilitate trade in Europe and across the world, whilst benefiting from predictable returns.

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Trade finance transactions statistically result in lower default rates than other fixed income investments.
According to the 2019 ICC Trade Report…

Why Artis?

  • Value-based investment approach

    An all-encompassing and tested proprietary model founded on qualitative and quantitative criteria is the basis of our value analysis. It constitutes the foundation of our value assessment independently from discretionary factors.

  • Unique access to niche assets

    With an extensive established network, Artis provides unique access to niche trade finance assets across Europe and beyond.

  • Proven track record

    Our specialist investment team has a strong track record and have deployed or advised over €100m, generating returns in excess of 10%.

  • Deal origination expertise

    With an existing pipeline and strong deal origination capabilities, Artis has the expertise to capitalise on the growing demand and benefit from the current opportunities in the market.

  • Conservative approach to risk

    We adopt a systematic and rigorous approach to risk evaluation, with a robust credit assessment process and a commitment to only investing in collateralised, secured trade finance transactions.

  • Historically low default rates

    Artis invests in trade finance, an asset class that historically results in lower default rates than other fixed income investments.*

*Source: 2019 ICC Trade Report


Trade receivables

Expected returns

10%+ p/a (€)

Min. investment

€100,000 (for accredited investors)


30-90 days

Legal structure

SICAV AIFM (Liechtenstein)

Investment advisor

Arjan Capital Ltd (FCA Regulated, United Kingdom)

Investment manager

Accuro Fund Solutions AG (FMA Regulated, Liechtenstein)

Trade works: The trade finance investor.

The new book from Wall Street Journal best selling author and Artis Trade Invest Managing Director, Andreas Schweitzer.

Having advised and invested in global trade for over 30 years, Andreas shares his insights and the results of two years of intense research, to offer a deeper understanding of why trade finance is such an attractive asset class.

Distributed by Simon & Schuster.
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