We invest in trade finance

An alternative investment opportunity providing uncorrelated returns by investing in global trade finance transactions.

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We invest in trade finance

An alternative investment opportunity providing uncorrelated returns by investing in global trade finance transactions.

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Unique access to trade finance assets

With access to an extensive network of local merchants and global suppliers, Artis provides a genuinely unique opportunity for investors to facilitate trade with some of the world’s most underdeveloped and fastest-growing markets, whilst benefiting from a predictable return.

Why invest in Artis

It is estimated that around $1.5 trillion of trade finance applications are rejected by financial institutions each year. Accounting for approx. 8-10% of global trade. This ‘trade finance gap’ presents an incredible opportunity to work with a specialist trade finance vehicle such as Artis, to help bridge the gap, make an impact and capitalise on a hugely underserved market.

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Who are Artis

Leaders in trade finance and born from over 10 years of experience in trade facilitation in some of the world’s most challenging markets. Artis is a speciality finance company incorporated in Leichenstein and managed by London-based FCA regulated advisors, Arjan Capital Ltd.

Specialists in trade investment solutions with a primary focus & expertise in helping European businesses trade with some of the world’s most underdeveloped markets. Artis’ highly experienced, specialist investment team have a high-performing track record of working in difficult markets, delivering strong, predictable performance for investors.

The team

Andreas Schweitzer

Managing Director 

Andreas is the Managing Director and Founder of Arjan Capital Ltd and Artis Trade Invest. Boasting over 30 years experience in finance, with a career that spans funds, trade finance and corporate advisory roles. He worked at institutions including J. Safra Sarasin and Jacobs Suchard (now Kraft General Foods). With expertise in assisting European companies to execute their strategies and trades with emerging and frontier markets, Andreas has the specialist knowledge to facilitate complex trades whilst delivering strong returns.

Urs Bruegger


Investment Manager 

Urs is a highly experienced investment manager with a proven track record of accomplishing positive above-market return over the long term. An investment management professional, economist & monetarist with more than 30 years of experience. Urs has a substantial background in private and public equity, debt and derivatives markets.

Maryam Zohourianrad

Operations Director 

Maryam provides strategic oversight of all Artis’ and Arjan Capital’s activities. Holding an MBA from Aston Business School and with wide-ranging experience in operations, sales and marketing within multiple sectors, Maryam provides expert planning and direction so the business runs efficiently and we deliver value to our investors and clients.

Abbas Padidar

Investment & Risk Committee 

Abbas is a director of multiple financial services groups in Jersey, Channel Islands. He has extensive experience across a broad spectrum of investment and financial organisations, including time spent as the Chairman of Azure Trust in London as well as Executive Chairman and co-owner of a Middle East based brokerage firm dealing in shares, commodities and precious metals.

Alexander Jones

Investment & Risk Committee

Alexander has a wealth of experience in financial services, having spent over 35 years in the sector. A risk and investment committee member, providing expert insight and intimate knowledge of structuring trade finance operations, derived from a diverse background including the formation and sale of multiple financial institutions, alongside board roles at global organisations such as N.M. Rothschild London, Jardin Matheson and The ECU Group PLC.


Investment & Risk Committee

Juerg offers further expertise to our risk and investment committee. With a background in Economics, Juerg holds a master’s degree from the University of St. Gallen and has extensive experience across a broad spectrum of financial institutions, including institutional asset management at a Geneva private bank, alternative investments at a major Swiss bank and private financial consultancy. In 2000, he setup his own consulting and asset management company, WM Weibel Mueller AG.

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