Unique trade finance investments.

Artis Trade Invest provides accredited investors with privileged access to secured SME trade finance assets.

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A clear focus.

Provide an alternative investment opportunity that facilitates global trade and generates stable returns with low volatility.

  • Dedicated to SMEs

    Supporting global SMEs by investing in trade finance assets.

  • Established European debtors

    Focussed on European counterparties.

  • Protected receivables

    Investing in secured trade finance debt.

  • Predictable returns

    Benefit from stable returns up to 9% p/a with low volatility.

  • Facilitating global trade

    Our fund supports trade with various global markets.

  • Uncorrelated investment

    A consistent, resilient asset class with historically strong performance.

The trade finance gap. An overlooked opportunity.

The trade finance gap is growing. The ICC estimates that up to $1.5 trillion of trade finance applications are rejected globally each year. The COVID-19 crisis has only widened this shortfall.

This presents a unique opportunity for investors to help bridge the gap and make a global impact whilst generating stable ROI.

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Who we are.

Artis Trade Invest is a speciality finance entity incorporated in Liechtenstein. Born from over 10 years of experience in trade facilitation in some of the world’s most underdeveloped and fastest-growing markets, Artis’ highly experienced, specialist investment team has a high-performing track record of working in challenging markets and delivering strong, predictable performance for investors.

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Diversify your portfolio with secured trade receivables.

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Meet your business needs with access to trade finance from SME specialists.

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Trade finance lending is approximately 5 times less risky than general corporate lending.

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